Best apartment deals for Australia's Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast

Anyone who knows Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast of Australia will tell you there’s only one way to see these fabulous places – Get a great apartment close to the action, lock in all your costs in advance, and have a ball.

Personal information on GPS devices and Cell Phones could help thieves

A friend of mine emailed me about thieves accessing personal information from Automobile GPS' and Cell Phones. While I quesiton whether the events that follow really happened, I think that the stories illustrate how vulnerable we really are to identity theft and thievery in general.

Tips for not gaining weight over Thanksgiving

Do you have suggestions for how to avoid pigging out over Thanksgiving and the holidays. Thanks.

A Doctor's Prescription on How to Be Happy and Not Worry

I thought that many of you might benefit from this talk by Dr. Carl A. Johnson to residents and faculty at the Johns Hopkins University.  While the talk uses medical analogies, the underlying theme is to balance career and family and to live a happier life. Dr.

Breast Mammograms- my personal fight with breast cancer and suggestions

Women don't need to start having mammograms to screen for breast cancer until they're 50, and they only need to have those exams every other year, new government guidelines suggest. What BS! are they kidding? There is no "one side fits all" in this case. Ask yourself if the study would have even been commissioned if the government would have covered mammograms for women in the first place.

Losing Weight- how to start

I am a 34 year old professional who with a serious weight problem. Nearly 300 pounds and under 5' 6". All of my doctors tell me to lose weight, but nothing works. I work 10 hour days and am under a great deal of stress. I find myself drinking lots of soda all day long. Any advice would be appreciated. 

Paytrust- still not what it could be with Intuit

Paytrust's complete bill payer solution has a new website. Now the website touts its new owner Intuit. As a long time user, I can attest that this will reduce the paper in your life. However, come tax time you will not be able to download all of your tax related entries into Quicken or Turbo Tax. Seems like Intuit tried and could not make it work according to the FAQs.

Formula for eating healthy food

Believe it or not, most of us don't have a clue of what it means to eat healthy. We order a veggie sandwich on whole wheat with mayo and cheese. Well, we were at least on the right track with the veggies.

Travel Ban to Cuba has strong chance of being lifted

Seven members of the Congressional Black Caucus arrived in Cuba today, including Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, to discuss improving relations with the communist government amid speculation that Washington could ease travel restrictions to the island. The group may even meet with Cuban President Raul Castro.

Airlines now charge for a second bag, are we next?

As jet fuel prices skyrocket, airlines are now charging $25 if you want to check in an extra bag at check-in. Is it just a matter of time before an airline ticket is based on our weight and size too?

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